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Intelligent Automation Radio

Oct 15, 2020

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has divided AI's evolution into 3 distinct waves.  Currently, we find ourselves in the 2nd wave, dominated by machine learning and big data.  The 3rd wave however, is nearly upon us, and will allow AI to go from learning and perceiving to reasoning and possibly even generalizing.  The ability to generalize is AI’s holy grail.  Though rarely mentioned by its name – Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) – it’s often depicted in SciFi movies and books.  DARPA predicts that next-generation methods will be required in order to achieve AGI.

Peter Voss is the man who coined the term AGI and is one of the field’s foremost thought leaders.  Peter joins us on this episode to discuss cognitive architecture, a theory of computational structure he advocates for, and which he believes is our best path to an AGI future.  We chat about a number of interesting subjects, and along the way learn why the very nature of cognitive architecture may eliminate the problem of bias in AI, why conversational AI is the killer app for cognitive architecture, and why the Turing Test isn't very useful for appraising a machine's intelligence.