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Intelligent Automation Radio

Jul 1, 2021

People of a certain age will fondly remember an American TV game show called "Name That Tune", where contestants won prizes for correctly identifying a song with as few notes as possible played by an orchestra.  Name That Tune offers a fitting analogy to explain Indico's value proposition - automating complex processes involving unstructured content, using as little as 200 sample documents for its AI model to learn from.  With just a fraction of what their competitors require, Indico can name that tune (automate unstructured content workflows) in very few notes (documents), using a proprietary "transfer learning" algorithm.  Since Forrester Research estimates that up to 85% of all enterprise content is unstructured, this represents a huge untapped opportunity. 


Founder/CTO Slater Victoroff is the driving force behind Indico's ambitious goal of helping organizations turn process into profit.  He joins us to discuss the path that led him to embrace transfer learning and what makes this technique ideal for automating workflows involving unstructured content of intertwined images and text.  Along the way we learn why "time on task" is a much more intuitive metric than ROI, why machine teaching is better than machine learning, and why companies are lying about how much data they actually have.